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12 Weeks and Counting... Are You Expecting Too?

by Julie Jaggernath

I couldn’t believe what my friends were telling me. It’s official – they are expecting! It wasn’t that long ago that they’d shared the same news. I was shocked that it could happen again so soon. 12 weeks and counting…

I remember the last time they were expecting, like it was yesterday.

The List of Namesmake a Christmas shopping list and stick to your budget

First came a list of names. As they went through the list and checked each one off, the list only seemed to grow. Each name was important, reminding them of someone who had crossed their paths.

All the Festivities

Next came the list of celebrations. Everyone gets excited when someone is expecting! One party at his work and one at hers. The family functions and time out with friends. Since this wasn’t the first time they were expecting, arrangements for the kids needed to fit in too. The days and weeks would fill up quickly.

Shopping, Shopping, Shopping

Then all the preparations. Shopping for new clothes, stocking up on supplies, cooking and cleaning just so that there would be enough time to enjoy it all once the waiting was over.

How time flies. 12 weeks and counting..….till Santa arrives!!

Did you think my friends are expecting a baby? I guess I could see how you’d think that, but no, this time it’s all about another wonderful time of the year – Christmas.

Yup, it’s that time again. In case you had forgotten, some retailers have taken it upon themselves to “remind” us now already, with a few Christmas things for sale before Halloween is even done. While it might be a little early to get into the holiday mood, it’s not too early to start planning how to keep Christmas and the holidays affordable. 

Who Do You Need to Buy For?

With your list of names, make like Santa and check it twice. And then check it again. Make a plan so that you spend more time than money with the special people in your life. Time, after all, is the priceless gift that fits every budget.

Which Traditions Mean the Most to You?

As for that list of celebrations, choose the ones that are most important to you and your family. Mark them on the calendar, saving time for school events and things the kids would like to do. Santa has a lot to do in one night, but even he takes months to prepare. By planning early, you’ll have time to organize your events so that you don’t feel like you’re rushing around the whole holiday season.

Plan What You Can Afford to Spend

When it comes to shopping and taking care of all of the preparations, solicit a personal army of elves. Start by choosing your chief financial elf, and charge them with keeping you true to your spending plan. Elves come in many shapes and sizes. Your financial elf might be your spouse, a friend or even your spreadsheet of how much you can afford to spend. Regardless of who your financial elf is, they have the important task of making sure that after all the glitter and glitz of the holidays is over, that you have memories to look back on, not bills to dread.

12 weeks and counting…. Are you expecting too?


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