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How Mortgage Brokers & Mortgage Providers Can Help Their Clients with Debt & Credit

As a mortgage broker it can be difficult to help a client who is struggling with debt problems or bad credit. Sometimes a client needs to improve their situation before a mortgage professional is able to help them. 

There is no way to fix bad credit fast, so credit counselling is a great way to help clients who:

  • Need to pay off debt before considering additional borrowing options
  • Are living pay cheque to pay cheque and can’t afford to buy or re-finance
  • Need to develop a realistic budget and position themselves to get into the market
  • Depend on credit to pay for their daily living expenses
  • Need to improve their credit rating and get their payments back on track

How Non-Profit Credit Counselling Can Help

Non-profit credit counselling services help people manage their money and debt better. They have helped thousands of people in Canada learn how to deal with their debt, build a realistic budget and use credit wisely to reach their goals.

Let a reputable, non-profit credit & debt counselling organization help your clients so that you can provide the solutions they want!

Free Credit and Debt Counselling

Most organizations provide in-person and toll-free telephone counselling to help consumers consider their options objectively and find solutions to their financial difficulties. Services are usually offered 6 days a week, with extended hours available. To find an accredited, non-profit credit counselling organization in your area, click here.

Information Services

It can be hard for someone struggling with their finances to ask for help. All non-profit credit & debt counselling organizations accredited by Credit Counselling Canada provide immediate assistance to consumers with critical issues and to those who have a few general questions regarding credit or money matters.

Personal Budgeting Assistance

Many people don’t know how to make a budget, so Counsellors are happy to help someone get started with a realistic budget based on their current circumstances.

Debt Management Programs

Organizations help up to 20 percent of their clients with financial challenges resolve their debt problems and regain financial stability through debt repayment programs. They work with someone's creditors to accept lower monthly payments and to reduce or eliminate ongoing interest charges. This helps clients get out of debt in a reasonable period of time and look forward to a positive financial future.

Financial Education Programs

Education plays a key role in credit counselling. Seminars, workshops, webinars and educational materials are provided free or at low cost to help people learn how to manage credit effectively and make smart financial choices. Find out more about education programs in your area.

Where to Get Debt Relief & Solutions

If you're struggling with your debts, getting help sooner than later will leave you more options. It takes time and to explore your options and find what will work best for your situation. The right solution will be one that fits your budget and provides you with the relief you need to look forward to a better financial future. Contact a Canadian, non-profit credit & debt counselling service now for help.