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Christian Credit & Debt Financial Counselling & Consolidation Services in Canada

We find that a fair number of Canadians look for Christian credit counselling, debt consolidation, debt settlement, debt relief programs, and help with credit card debt and financial problems. However, there aren’t any organizations in Canada that advertise their services along these lines. There are a small number of church related organizations that technically fit the bill, but they don’t promote themselves this way and they only tend to focus on their own community. There are, however, many Christians who work as Credit & Debt Counsellors across Canada for various credit counselling and debt relief organizations, and there are many more well trained financial counsellors who respect Christian values and are trained in how to help Christians with their finances while respecting important issues such as giving and tithing.

What to Expect from Good Credit Counselling, Debt Relief, & Consolidation Services

In Canada, there are many non-profit credit counselling organizations that operate with what many people would describe as Christian values, and often, a lot of Christians work for these organizations. These credit counselling agencies help people create a personal or household budget, take a look at their full financial picture, and then help people explore their various options to get out of debt and get their finances back on track. Some of these options can include programs that provide interest relief and consolidate credit card and unsecured debt payments into one affordable monthly payment.

The purpose of a credit counsellor is to help you by providing you with technical, financial expertise. Their job isn’t to offer you advice on how to live your life. In this sense, they are similar to a plumber, an accountant, or someone you hire to fix your computer. You want their technical expertise, not their philosophy on life – unless of course you find you share the same values and are impressed with how they approach life's challenges.

Professional credit counsellors have technical knowledge that you can harness to resolve your financial problems. However, once you’ve met with a counsellor, it’s up to you to go away, think about your options, hopefully discuss your situation with a trusted friend, family member, or even your pastor, priest, or spiritual mentor, then decide on what’s best for you. A quality credit counsellor will never judge you or your values. On the contrary, they will try their very best to find out what financial priorities are important to you, treat those with respect, and find a way to work with them – even if that’s difficult. If you speak with a financial counsellor and they don’t treat you with this kind of respect, find another one.

How to Find a Good Financial Counsellor Who Respects Your Christian Values

Most good credit counsellors are available to help either in person or over the phone – whichever is most comfortable or convenient for you. To make things easier for you, we’ve put together a list of quality non-profit credit counselling offices across Canada. Whether you are looking for Christian debt relief plans, credit card consolidation programs, financial help, debt settlements, or any type of services along these lines, these are probably the best people to help you. Every organization on our list has professionally trained and accredited credit counsellors who are not paid on commission (so they’re not trying to push a “solution” on you) and are trained to respect and work with Christian values. If you’re not ready to call a credit counsellor and are still struggling with what to do or who to call, talk to your pastor, priest, or someone else you trust and show them this article. They’ll help steer you down the right path.


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