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december 2013


learn how to make smarter choices with your money

Santa's Secrets for Avoiding Debt


Santa's secret for how to avoid debt at Christmas time.Don't ruin your Chrismas memories with a holiday hangover of debt in January. Take a few tips from Santa including how to avoid paying as much as 50% more for everything you buy.


Even if you leave your shopping until close to the end, make a holiday spending plan before you hit the stores so that you don't max out your credit cards. Read on for some quick tips on how you can avoid holiday debt this year.


Why is My Available Balance Higher Than My Bank Account Balance?

Young woman withdrawing cash from an ATM.How Overdraft Protection Really Works


Overdraft protection can make you feel richer than you really are, and if you dip your bank account below zero and take advantage of your overdraft limit, the costs and fees should make you think if it's truly a service that protects you, or if it's become a problem . . . (Learn more)


3 Ways to Create a Personal Budget Plan with Irregular Income


When you're a student with a student loan, a self-employed entrepreneur or someone who depends heavily on commission or seasonal income, you might be tired of hearing everyone tell you that a budget will make managing money easier. When you have irregular income, what if creating a budget is the problem?

Budgeting irregular income for both good times and leaner times.If you have fluctuating income, seasonal employment or if you depend on lump sums of money to carry you through several months of expenses, creating a budget can be extremely difficult.

The trick is that while your income fluctuates, with some careful planning, your spending doesn't have to. Here are 3 ways to budget with irregular income. (Read more)



‘They easily could have lost everything’:

Maple Ridge, BC family completes one-year Money Makeover journey


A year ago, Rachel Jensen and Ryan Rasmussen were drifting deeper into debt as they struggled to bridge the gap between what they earned and spent.

Family participating in a Money Makeover challenge.Today, the Maple Ridge, BC couple are learning how to live within their means. They’re making progress toward their ultimate goal of freedom from debt.
In late 2012, Jensen and Rasmussen were chosen for a year-long money makeover by the Credit Counselling Society. The goal of the makeover was to help the couple acquire the habits and strategies they would need to pull themselves out of debt and start making ends meet. The Sunday Province has tracked the family’s progress every three months. This is the fourth and final report (Read more).
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