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How to Attend One of These Live Webinars

To register for one of the free webinars (online workshops) listed above, simply click on the the title of the webinar and fill out the registration form on the following page. You can also register or find out more by calling our office at 1.888.527.8999. We will email you a link to attend the webinar a day before your scheduled webinar begins.Online public workshops and webinars that teach personal finances and money management.

To participate in the webinar, you will need a telephone and a computer with an internet connection. The webinar is live. This means that you will hear the facilitator speak, they will ask questions and those attending can participate if they wish to.

One of the great things about a webinar is that you can attend from the comfort of your own home. If you want to wear your cozy slippers, no one will be the wiser! But the best thing is that we get to learn from each other.

You will not need to share any personal details during the webinar. The webinar is not recorded and is not available after the scheduled time has ended.


More Money Management Courses and Workshops

If you're looking for more than an online course about personal budgeting and money management, here are some other options to consider:

Financial Management for Employers - Help Your Employees

As an employer, there's a lot in it for you if your employees manage their money well. You're also in a great position to help them do just that. If you would like more information about financial fitness for your employees, please click here to read more . . .

Money Management Courses & Workshops for Corporate & Community Organizations or Groups

The Credit Counselling Society also offers workshops and presentations for consumer groups, social service organizations, lenders and financial institutions. Find out more about our lunch & learn topics or contact our Director of Education today to inquire about a workshop or presentation for your organization.

Workshops for Community Service Providers - Help Your Clients Deal with Credit, Debt & Budgeting Issues

Do you work with people who also need help with their finances? Do you need some basic answers to their questions so that you can help them more effectively with their other concerns? Find out more about education sessions specifically for community service providers or contact our Director of Education for more information.


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  Relationship & Money Webinars (Online Workshops)
  Budgeting Webinars (Online Workshops)
  Credit & Debt Webinars (Online Workshops)
  Topical Webinars (Online Workshops)

Free, live, interactive budgeting and credit workshops, webinars, and courses that you can attend or participate in from the convenience of your own home computer. These workshops are for Canadians in BC, Alberta, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, PEI, the Yukon, Nunavut, and the Northwest Territories

Relationships & Money Webinars (Online Workshops)

Ending the Financial Feud - Couples and Money

Couples will learn about each other’s money values, triggers and goals and work together to create a manageable and tension-less plan.​ Find out more about this webinar


Raising Financially Fit Kids

Parents will learn some easy to implement techniques to teach kids about savings, giving, and spending.


Budgeting Webinars (Online Workshops)

Making Cent$ of Money: Budgeting 101

Participants will learn the steps to budgeting which will help them take control of their finances and give them peace of mind.​ Learn more about this webinar


Irregular Income

Participants will learn how to manage irregular income. Intended for hourly, seasonal, commission, contract and/or self employed individuals. ​Learn more about this webinar


Budget Breakers

Participants will learn about the 3 biggest budget breakers (the little expenses, the irregular expenses, and the emergency expenses) and strategies to eliminate them from everyday worry. Learn more about this webinar


75 Ways to Save on Household Expenses

Participants will gather tips on how to save on various household expenses including utilities, transportation, groceries and personal items.  Participants will also be encouraged to share their best practices with each other.​ Learn more about this webinar


Credit and Debt Webinars (Online Workshops)

The Truth About Credit

Participants will learn about the myths around credit, the facts around credit reports, credit ratings, and credit scores alongside strategies on how to protect or repair their credit.


Topical Webinars (Online Workshops)

Food and Finance

Participants will learn how to create healthy and financially sustainable meal plans and tips on frugal meal plans. Learn more of the details about this webinar


Borrowing 101: Financing Basics

Participants will learn about the various types of financing including secured, unsecured, joint, secondary and short-term/high interest credit.  They will also learn about leasing versus buying a vehicle, mortgages and student loans.Learn more of the details about this webinar


Homeowner Basics

Participants will learn about the basics of homeownership including being able to afford the down payment, types of homes and what to be aware of, financing a mortgage, and the costs of buying and owning a home.


Cautious Consumerism

Participants will learn how to identify wants versus needs, ways to curb impulse spending, tips on becoming a smart and savvy shopper, and ways to avoid scams and fraud.


Retiring Without Debt

Participants will learn about debt elimination options so that they can enter their golden years without the shackles of debt.


Living Well on Retirement Income

Participants will learn ways to increase income, reduce expenses and live on a fixed income without having to rely on credit to get by. Learn more of the details about this webinar