75 Ways to Save Money on Household Expenses | Workshop-Webinar

Have you noticed how the cost of living continues to rise every year and yet perhaps your wages aren’t keeping up? Groceries are more expensive, the cost of utilities is creeping higher and higher, and so is the cost of transportation. Intuitively we know that there’s got to be a better way to save, but how?

Tons of Practical Ideas That Will Save You Money

In our free 75 Ways to Save Money on Household Expenses workshop / webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Reduce your electricity expenses with some simple fixes like changing your light bulbs
  • Drop your heating bill by turning down your thermostat while you’re out
  • Use less water and save money by putting a sealed jug of water in your toilet tank
  • Save money on your cable, telephone and internet bill
  • Reduce your grocery bill every month by creating a meal plan and shopping on the outside of the supermarket
  • Create 1 dish meals that save both time and money – the slow cooker miracle!
  • Determine if your transportation costs can be trimmed by comparing the cost of owning a vehicle versus using public transportation
  • Shrink your entertainment expenses and still have fun with your family and friends
  • Implement some easy tips to reduce your personal expenses (e.g. clothes, fitness, and books)
  • Save on gifts and special occasions like birthdays and holidays

Assuming that every dollar has a job, then every dollar saved can make a difference to your overall budget. Saving even a few dollars on monthly expenses can really add up! 

The webinar is an hour, it's completely free across Canada, and there is lots of sharing amongst participants – we all learn from each other! This webinar will be “grab ‘n’ go”- grab some of our 75 ideas and go try them! Full curriculum is available upon request.

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