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9 Smart Money Moves to Make in Your 20's

Smart money moves to make in your 20's; budget, earn interest, pay off debt.If you’re a 20-something, having paid even a bit of attention to your money and personal finances over the past decade, you likely gained some valuable insights. You’re now standing on the cusp of making some of the smartest money moves of your life. And those of you who should have paid a bit more attention than you did, count yourselves fortunate that due to the unprecedented economic times of the past 10 years, a lot more attention is being paid to increasing the financial literacy of Canadians. The information is out there, free for the taking, if you’re ready for it.

Taking steps sooner than later to manage your financial affairs will not only set you up for success later in life, it will help protect your hopes, dreams and goals when life throws you a curveball. When you’re in your 20’s you have time on your side. This is such a huge advantage when it comes to personal finances and planning ahead financially....

6 Tips to Help You Shop for a New or Used Car Like a Pro

Decide when the best time to buy a new or used car is by calculating your budget, loan payments & vehicle expenses.Replacing your vehicle with a good used car or buying a new car is always a big decision, often the second biggest one, behind a house, that most people make. However, many of us will spend more time planning a family holiday than worrying about the wheels we want to buy. While we might think of our car as an asset, by the end of a car loan a new vehicle is often worth much less than what we paid for it, so it’s absolutely worth getting the best deal you can right up front.

Here are 6 tips to help you car shop like a pro....

Smart Back-to-School Shopping Tips That Can Save You Money

Smart back to school shopping tips to save money & stick to your budget.

There’s no shortage of smart back-to-school shopping tips for 2017 when you look online. From blogs to Facebook posts, back to school shopping articles in the news, Pins and other social shares. But if you’re looking for more ideas to save money, or new ideas to make back to school shopping easier on your finances, here are a few tips that won’t work for everyone, but are still worth considering...

New Surprising Things Most People Don’t Know about Life & Health Insurance

New Surprising Things Most People Don’t Know about Life & Health InsuranceLife and health insurance are important tools to protect your family, yourself, and what you’ve worked hard for and should be included in almost everyone’s financial plan. The interesting thing is that life insurance is no longer what you remember your parents talking about. Things have changed dramatically to help more Canadians get the coverage they need at a price they can afford.

Could You Survive a Financial Emergency Like a Forest Fire?

Whether it’s a financial crisis caused by a forest fire, a flood, or a more common crisis like unemployment, unexpected emergencies happen and usually at the worst possible time – or so it seems. The best way to manage through a financial emergency is to follow the motto of the Boy Scouts "Be prepared." This means having a well thought out emergency plan to minimize any potential risks. To help you get through an unexpected crisis, we've outlined a number of action steps to take.

Payday Loans: What You Need to Know Before You Borrow

What you need to know before borrowing payday loans in Canada.On the surface, borrowing a few hundred dollars to solve a cash crunch might seem like a good option, however, payday loans are an expensive form of credit. If you live pay cheque to pay cheque and have considered taking out a payday loan, a better strategy is to determine what’s causing your cash crunch and finding ways to better your situation.

From getting into a payday loan cycle or being faced with high interest charges, read on for what to know before you consider taking out a payday loan….