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Rachel & Ryan Complete the Money Makeover Challenge


Money makeover by the Credit Counselling Society

Drifting deeper into debt as they struggled to bridge the gap between what they earned and spent, Rachel Jensen and Ryan Rasmussen turned to the Credit Counselling Society for a year-long money makeover - the goal being to help the couple acquire the habits and strategies they would need to pull themselves out of debt and start making ends meet.


The Province Newspaper

  Quote from The Province newspaper article - They could easily have lost everything, Hannah says. I wouldn’t have wanted to walk in their shoes these past 12 months. It has not been easy.

Rachel Jensen and Ryan Rasmussen slipped into the red every month of their lives.

The Maple Ridge, B.C. couple needed to start operating in the black - and they needed to do it fast. Rachel started out on this money makeover expecting her third child, and now her newborn is here.

The couple turned to and the non-profit Credit Counselling Society for guidance. Over 12 months, the society gave Rachel and Ryan a money makeover.

A professional money coaches from the Credit Counselling Society watched their progress and monitored their spending, and The Sunday Province newspaper in Vancouver reported on the family's progress every three months.

If the couple meet most of their goals, the investment management firm Phillips, Hager & North agreed to make a $5,000 RRSP contribution to the couple.

The money makeover is now complete. You see the couple's journey and what they learned in the stories below.

We'd like to thank Rachel and Ryan for being so open with their money woes so that we can all learn from their trials, tribulations, and successes.

1st Money Makeover Session

Stress about not making enough, financial and debt worries, and struggling with budgeting

2nd Money Makeover Session

Reformed red ink junkies slowly turning the corner

3rd Money Makeover Session

A crash course in the difference between good and bad debt

4th Money Makeover Session

Maple Ridge family completes one year Money Makeover journey