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How to Keep Valentine’s Day Affordable

by Julie Jaggernath

How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day with your spouse or the special people in your life? Whether you plan something elaborate and expensive, or you just keep Valentine's Day affordable with simple pleasures, showing your love should be more about the thoughtfulness of your gifts and deeds than about how much you spend.

Show your love every day, not just on Valentine's Day

The Cost of Love

The value of special gifts topped $10 billion in 2011, according to Statistics Canada, but there are countless ways to show someone how special they are for less. The value of spending time with your spouse and loved ones is truly priceless and not about only one day of the year.  

Many couples even go as far as choosing their own special day. They only do something very small for each other on February 14, and then celebrate more at another time. This allows them to avoid the inflated prices and marketing hype that’s become all too familiar with “special days” of the year.

Affordable Valentine’s Day Ideas

As you do your planning and consider your budget, ask yourself what you can do to make your spouse, kids, family or friends feel special.

With this in mind, here are some ideas to keep Valentine's Day Affordable:

  • Dinner for Two

    Find ways to spend time with your spouse and loved ones to keep Valentine's Day affordable.

Treat your partner to a special home-made dinner. Look for a recipe that you wouldn’t normally cook, and when it comes time to eat, set a candle-lit table for two.

  • Lunch-Time Surprises

Surprise your spouse by meeting them at work and taking them out for lunch. For your kids, slip a special note into their lunches and pack them lots of red, pink or white food and treats.

  • Plant a Bed of Roses

Instead of buying the special ladies in your life flowers, make them a personalized gift certificate for their own “bed of roses.” Commit to planting it once the weather gets better.

  • Shop Early for Special Gifts

If your partner enjoys lingerie, wine or candy, buy it ahead of time when prices are more reasonable.

  • Help Around the House

Knock an item off the honey-do list. Many men totally underestimate how much their wife values their help around the house.

  • Kids and Cards

Young children usually want to exchange cards with their friends. Look for bulk cards and treats or pull out the red paper, stickers and glitter glue. Spend an afternoon helping them make their cards.

  • Valentine’s Get-Away

If you want a night away, look for deals. See if you already have a membership that provides discounts on accommodation, ask your friends if anyone has a group deal they bought that they won’t be using or check online for unadvertised discount codes and last minute specials.

Don’t Let Debt Kill Lovin’ Feelings, Keep Valentine's Day Affordable

Showing your love is about more than a date on the calendar. In fact, Cupid works every day of the year. He also doesn’t go into debt in the name of love, so neither should you if you plan to keep Valentine's Day affordable.

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