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Financial Literacy Month 2020

November 2020 is the 10th anniversary of Financial Literacy Month in Canada! This month, the Credit Counselling Society is excited to host a variety of free workshops, webinars, and activities to help Canadians achieve financial well-being. 

We have events planned all across Canada in various communities and will be active on social media through #LearnWithCCS. Come join us and flex your financial fitness muscles! 

Financial Literacy Month November 2013 FLM-MFLHere's What We're Doing

Free Workshop: Financial First Aid

10th Anniversary Special: Lists of 10

Free Online Webinars

Public Online Workshops 

FREE Workshop: Financial 1st Aid for Service Providers 

CCS is hosting a national Financial 1st Aid for Service Providers webinar on Friday, November 20th. This free workshop is designed for frontline staff to help their clients navigate the financial system better. Participants will walk away with the ability to recognize the signs and symptoms of financial distress, how to have the “money talk”, understand collection practices, and access additional resources.

November 20, 2020 (Friday) 9am PST, 12pm EST

Register to Attend Online

10th Anniversary Special: Lists of 10

To celebrate the 10th anniversary of Financial Literacy Month in Canada, our educators have whipped up some Lists of 10! Check back every week in November 2020 for two new lists, which we'll also be sharing on TwitterFacebook, and Instagram. Retweet, share, or comment on any of those posts to gain entries into our monthly #LearnWithCCS gift card draw! 


FREE Online Webinars

What are you doing for Financial Literacy Month? Sit and get fit, financially speaking, of course! 

Our Education Specialists are facilitating a variety of free online webinars for all Canadian consumers. It's easy to join us from the comfort of your computer. Topics include:

Making Cents of Money: Budgeting 101

Learn the 7 steps to budgeting which will help you take control of their finances and give them peace of mind.

Cautious Consumerism

Learn ways to avoid the most common scams and fraud in Canada and what to do if you become a victim of identity theft. 

The Truth About Credit

Learn about the myths around credit, the facts around credit reports, credit ratings, and credit scores alongside strategies on how to protect or repair your credit. 

Irregular Income

Learn how to manage irregular income. Intended for hourly, seasonal, commission, contract and/or self-employed individuals.

Food and Finance

Learn how to create healthy and financially sustainable meal plans with tips on frugal meals plans.

Living Well on Retirement Income

Learn ways to increase income, reduce expenses, and live on a retirement income without having to rely on credit to get by. 

Vacations on a Budget

Learn a variety of ways to save money while planning and going on vacation so you can have fun without worrying about money. 

10 Steps to Retire Without Debts

Learn about debt elimination options so that you can enter your golden years without the shackles of debt. 

Mind Your Money: An Introduction to the Psychology of Spending

This webinar delves deep into different marketing techniques throughout the consumer decision making process. A newfound sense of awareness into the psychology of money can allow you to become an informed consumer less likely to impulse buy or spend more money without realizing it. 

75 Ways to Save on Household Expenses

Gather tips on how to save on various household expenses including utilities, transportation, groceries, and personal items. We also encourage you to share your best practices with others!

Ending the Financial Feud - Couples & Money

Couples will learn about each other's money values, triggers, and goals while working together to create a manageable and tension-less plan. 

Investment Basics - Making the Most of Your Money

Learn about the basic investment vehicles like RRSPs, TFSAs, and RESPs. You'll also lean about investment risks, fees, and how to look for investment specialists. This workshop is intended to provide resources and definitions, not investment advice. 

Public Workshops - Attend Virtually  

Budgeting 101

Learn how to budget so you can take control of your own finances. 

Coquitlam Public Library, November 4 2020 (Wednesday), 7:00pm PST | Register Online

Organizing Your Finances in 1 Month

Learn what important documents you need to have, how to store them securely, and how to create a 'just in case something happens to me' sheet so your loved ones can take care of your affairs.

Mississauga Public Library, November 9 2020 (Monday), 3:30pm EST | Register Online

Finance and Food

This workshop can help you get organized with your meal planning, shopping and cooking, which save you time and money while nourishing you and your family with healthy meals. Participants will learn how to create healthy and financially sustainable meal plans and get tips on frugal meals plans. 

Strathcona County, November 10 2020 (Tuesday), 6:30pm MST | Register Online

Living Well on Retirement Income

Participants will learn ways to increase income, reduce expenses, and live on a retirement income without having to rely on credit to get by. 

Regina Public Library, November 12 2020 (Thursday), 7:00pm CST | Register Online (Library Card Required)

Preparing for a Temporarily Reduced Income

Facing reduced income? Learn strategies on how to cope financially with your new reality. 

Mississauga Public Library, November 16 2020 (Monday), 3:30pm EST | Register Online

The Truth About Credit Amidst a Pandemic

November 17 2020 (Tuesday), 6:00pm MST | To register, call 780-980-7109 or email

10 Steps to Retire Without Debt

While many people enter retirement with some form of debt, most realize that this debt will impact the realization of their retirement goals. Learn about debt elimination or reduction options to enter retirement with more confidence.

Toronto Public Library, November 18 2020 (Wednesday), 7:00pm EST | Register Online

Debt Solutions

Learn about the various solutions to managing and reducing your debt loads. 

Mississauga Public Library, November 23 2020 (Monday), 3:30pm EST | Register Online

Planning Financially for Your New Baby

This session is for expectant parents who want to plan ahead for maternity and parental leave and be prepared for the new expenses that come with a new arrival. 

Regina Public Library, November 25 2020 (Wednesday), 7:00pm CST | Register Online (Library Card Required)