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Advantages of Consolidating Debt with a Non-Profit Debt Consolidation Service

If you’ve been declined for a loan by your bank or credit union and are wondering what other debt consolidation options you have, you should talk with a non-profit Credit Counsellor. They’ll sit down with you or talk to you over the phone for free, take a look at your financial situation, lay out for you the options that are available to you, discuss the pros and cons of these options, and then help you figure out what option would be in your best interest based on your personal financial goals and objectives.

The reason why we recommend speaking with a non-profit Credit Counsellor – with an A+ Better Business Bureau rating – is that they’ll give you the most objective advice possible because they’re not “in business” to sell anything to anyone. They exist simply to help people. Most non-profit credit counselling agencies also offer a debt consolidation program called a Debt Management Program. If a Credit Counsellor believes that this program would help you, then they can discuss its advantages and disadvantages with you. Here are some of the key advantages of this kind of a program:

Advantages of a Non-Profit Debt Consolidation Program called a Debt Management Program

  • All your creditors agree to consolidate your credit card payments into one monthly payment that fits your budget. The credit counselling agency negotiates all of this with your creditors.
  • Most major credit card companies will reduce your interest rates to 0%. Others will dramatically reduce their interest rates for you. The idea here is to help you get your credit card debt paid off in 2 – 5 years.
  • Your Credit Counsellor will help you put together a realistic spend plan (a budget) that takes into account all of your family’s needs to ensure that your finances stay on track and you get out of debt quickly.
  • Non-profit credit counselling agencies have the authority to erase all records of your debts that were on their program 2 years after you complete the program. This way you have a credit report and get a fresh start. Some non-profit credit counselling agencies also have programs to help you re-establish your credit during that 2 year period so that you can get your life back on track as quickly as possible.

Non-Profit Debt Consolidation Services

There are many non-profit debt consolidation services across Canada. Here are some that we would recommend:

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The nice thing about working with a non-profit debt consolidation service is that if debt consolidation isn't the best option for you, they'll tell you straight up and then suggest other options that they may work out better for you. The great thing is that because they are non-profit they aren't looking to make money off of you so they will likely give you the most honest, straight-forward advice possible. At the end of the day, their advice is free and you have nothing to lose but a little of your time.

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