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Intelligent Student Budget Calculator Template Worksheet for Excel - Designed for Canadian College & University Students

Feel free to download our intelligent student budget calculator worksheet for Excel. It’s a free budget template designed for Canadian students that is so much more than just a boring template (even an Excel beginner can use it!). It actually makes budgeting a little fun because it sees what you are doing, and it gently responds by letting you know if your spending is outside of what experts would recommend based on your income. It also offers helpful suggestions as you put together your budget – helping you avoid common pitfalls and increasing your chances of putting together a budget that will actually work! Once you’re finished your budget, you can ask the calculator to review it and look for any opportunities to help you save money or tighten up your budget.

Designed for College Budgeting on a Term by Term Basis


Excel budgeting calculator spreadsheet and worksheet for Canadian student budgets.

  Download Excel Student Budget Calculator Spreadsheet

Student budgeting calculator worksheet and Excel 2007 spreadsheet download for Canada 

Download Microsoft Office Excel 2007 Worksheet (.xlsx) File

This student budget calculator template is designed for use on a term by term basis where you enter the money you’ve saved up for college or university along with your student loans and then you enter your up-front expenses such as tuition, books, and fees. Finally you enter the normal budgeting part of the worksheet where you put down all your monthly expenses.

If you’re looking to create an annual personal or household budget, we also have a regular Excel budget calculator template that also offers the same interactive, intelligent features as our student budget calculator. If you are a mature student with a family our regular budget calculator may work better for your situation. You can access it here.

Features of the Student Budget Calculator – More Than Just an Excel Template Worksheet

Here are some of the many features built into the calculator:

  • A calculator spreadsheet that is smart and interactive. It guides you through the entire budgeting process
  • It's user friendly - even if you don't really know how to use Excel
  • It does all the math for you
  • Easy to use budgeting template that you can completely customize for your unique situation
  • Drop down menus let you tell it whether each expense occurs weekly, monthly, annually, etc.
  • Provides you with budgeting guidelines based on your income
  • Keeps a running tally of how much you’re planning to spend versus your income
  • Gently alerts you to problems in your budget and makes suggestions to improve your financial situation
  • Visually shows you what your budget looks like in a pie chart and also shows you how your expenses in each budgeting category compare to suggested guidelines
  • Keeps your information private and confidential since your Excel worksheet is saved on your computer rather than on the internet

You can download the student budget calculator here and begin using it right way. Let us know if you have any suggestions to improve the template.