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What Would Your Community do with an Extra Million Dollars?

Village on a diet A major TV network is looking at producing a reality TV show that aims to help people get out of debt, save money, build a stronger community and liver their best life. We support initiative like this and would like to give them a plug on our blog. They are looking for communities to be featured on their TV show. You can read their posting below to find out more.

What Would Your Community do with an extra Million Dollars?

A major network and Force Four Entertainment (the producers of the primetime series Village On A Diet) are looking for one adventurous community – a town, cul-de-sac, neighbourhood, or housing development – to be featured in a new television series.

On the table is the opportunity of a lifetime: get out of debt, save money and build a stronger community in order to live your best life! We want to help people of one community realize their lifelong dreams.

One select community will be given access to top financial experts, life coaches, and a powerful group of advisers. You will be helped through and rewarded for reaching milestones and participating in fun challenges. The people featured in the documentary series will reach their financial goals and launch a national movement!

We’re seeking an adventurous community for this new collaborative and inspiring series. We need to hear from individuals about why they want to create stronger communities while saving money and realizing their dreams. What would you do if your community could save a million dollars? What could you create if you lived life as a team instead of toiled alone?

Tell us what you’d do if suddenly you had more time and resources to truly live the life you’ve always wanted!

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