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Quebec Debt Consolidation - More than a Debt Consolidation Company - Objective Non-Profit Options & Advice

Debt consolidation Quebec - Have you been declined for a debt consolidation loan? Are you struggling to keep up with your bills? Don't let stress and worry get to you. A non-profit agency can help you get out of debt without borrowing more money.

They'll Help You Find the Right Option - Solutions for Problems with Debt Consolidation Loans, Credit Cards or Bad Credit

Non-profit company offering credit card debt consolidation services in Quebec, Canada for consumers who have bad credit.An experienced, professional Debt Counsellor will walk you through all of your options and help you find the right solution that will work best for you. It doesn't matter if you have had trouble with bad credit, maxed out credit cards or if other issues have prevented you from getting a debt consolidation loan. As a non-profit organization, all debt consolidation advice is objective and completely tailored to your financial situation and your priorities.

They Can Help You Get Your Finances Back on Track, Save Money and Pay Off Debt

A Counsellor can help you get going right away with a plan to:

  • Look at all of your debt consolidation options to deal with your debt and get your finances back on track
  • Effectively handle your bills and living expenses to not rely on payday loans
  • Repay your debts with one manageable monthly payment
  • Save thousands of dollars of interest charges

Providing the Best Non-Profit Consumer Debt Consolidation Programs, Interest Relief & Credit Counselling Services in Quebec

Below is contact information for where you can get in touch with a top quality, non-profit service that can help you take a look at all of your consolidation options. You can setup an appointment to speak with one of their Debt Counsellors over the phone.

Credit Counselling Society : 1-888-527-8999

Learn More Debt Consolidation Options

If you’re not prepared to speak with anyone yet about your situation, we have more resources you can use to look into all available debt consolidation loan options on your own.

When you are ready to talk with someone, give the Credit Counselling Society a call or visit their website. In our opinion they are a better option for many people than a finance company because they're not for profit, they care, and they can help you look into all your options or see if they have something that may work for you.