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How Credit Counselling Can Help You Resolve Your Financial Challenges

Many people who are struggling to pay their bills and make their payments every month aren’t sure of what to do to improve their situation. When people find themselves in this situation they often find themselves using money from their line of credit or credit cards to pay their bills or their other credit cards. They often end up needing to use their credit cards even buy groceries. Things can get pretty tight and this can even end up impacting someone’s sleep, family relationships and even their health.

What many people don’t realize is that they are not alone in this struggle. Literally hundreds of thousands of Canadians are going through the same thing, and that’s why credit counselling services have been created. To help people find a way out of this downward spiral.

An experienced Credit Counsellor helps by sitting down with you and getting a complete picture of your financial situation. They then help you create a budget and a plan to immediately regain financial stability. They then work with you to identify all of your best options to get out of debt. Based on your financial goals, you then choose the option that you feel is in your best interest. The Credit Counsellor then helps you create a plan to pursue the option that you have chosen.

Unfortunately, some people wait far too long before contacting a Credit Counsellor for help, and for these people, bankruptcy may be their only remaining option.

There are many great non-profit Credit Counselling organizations across Canada like who are available to help you review your situation and provide confidential, non-judgmental help for free. If you live in any of the communities below, you can find a reputable Credit Counsellor to talk to by clicking on any of the links below:

Canadian Communities Served by Credit Counselling Services

British Columbia Alberta Saskatchewan Manitoba Ontario
Vancouver Edmonton Regina Winnipeg Ottawa
Victoria Calgary Saskatoon Brandon Hamilton
Nanaimo Grande Prairie Prince Albert   Brampton
Kelowna Red Deer Moose Jaw   London
Kamloops Lethbridge Lloydminster   Kitchener
Prince George Medicine Hat     Guelph


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Contact a Non-Profit Credit Counselling Organization Today

The great thing about talking with someone at a non-profit service is that it is completely free, they are typically very knowledgeable, and they are objective since they aren't trying to sell you anything. So if you or someone you know is having difficulty with their finances, do yourself a favor and contact a non-profit debt help service today.