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april 2014


learn how to make smarter choices with your money

Try Out This New, Personalized, Step-by-Step Spending Planner. It Just Might Make Budgeting Fun Again . . . Maybe


Budgeting calculator spreadsheet.Most people don't really enjoy budgeting. In fact, many people find it to be quite painful. That's why we created an interactive budgeting tool that guides you through the process and gives you tips based on what other people spend.

If you have doubts about how much to spend on certain expenses or if you aren't sure if you did your budget "right" or not, this tool could really work for you!

This free budget calculator with personalized Canadian expense categories is brand new. So new in fact, that you’re one of the first people to see it.

Give it a try - you might actually have some fun . . .



Use an Income Tax Refund to Pay Debt or Save for Emergencies


A woman feeling rich with her tax refund.No matter if your refund is only several hundred dollars, or as much as several thousand dollars – plan how best to use the money to pay debt or add to your savings, before it leaks out of your bank account and you’ve got nothing to show for your hard earned cash.
Paying down your mortgage, credit cards or other debts or setting money aside for savings are great options for an income tax refund. The right solution will depend on your overall financial situation.

Here are some things to consider as you plan ahead . . .


How To Tell If You’re Ready for a Mortgage


Wanting to buy a home.The best way to tell if you’re ready to buy a house and commit to years of mortgage payments is to try before you buy. A new home is the single biggest purchase most people will make in their lifetime, however many people spend more time considering which car to buy than they do choosing a new home.
Test drive owning a new home, just as you would a new car, to discover if the home you would like to buy is a good financial fit for you and your family . . .

5 Steps to Make Sure Unexpected Expenses Don’t Throw Off Your Budget


Snow storm causing unexpected expenses.

Everyone has unexpected expenses, which can be due to many reasons. This year, winter came in with a vengeance. It didn’t just leave its destruction in many people’s yards and neighbourhoods, but it also wrecked havoc on their budgets and money management plans.

To survive or recover from the huge dumps of snow, wind and ice storms, and record low temperatures, many people were forced to spend more on unexpected expenses than they usually do.

Rather than always feeling like you need play catch up with your finances, here are 5 steps to make a budget plan that accounts for unexpected expenses . . .



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