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October 2018


Learn how to make smarter choices with your money.

Scary Good Money Ideas

How to Manage Money Better and Get Out of Debt

The most wicked financial fact we can give you is that for many people, when they first create a budget, it’s just a skeleton of what it should actually be. They need to work with it, track their spending and add in all of the expenses that fully flesh it out.

Then, much like carving a pumpkin, plan what you want your finances to look like.

If you’ve been dying to know how to manage money better and get out of debt, just in time for Halloween, here are some of the best tricks ever! (Read more)


Is Winning the Lottery Part of Your Financial Plan?

Is playing the lottery part of your financial plan? You wouldn’t be alone if your answer is “yes.” Or maybe you’re someone who doesn’t normally buy lotto tickets, but when the jackpot is big, it’s hard not to wonder what it would feel like to win that much money.

There's a lot you could buy with $60 million, $160 million, or $1.6 billion - more than most people can truly imagine. However, before you get swept away dreaming about all of the possibilities, consider this one last story to see how your lucky numbers stack up and if banking on a win is a sound financial strategy... (Learn more)


Re-organize Your Bank Accounts to End Money Fights

Do you and your spouse ever disagree about money?

Many couples argue about money, and Credit Counsellors spend time helping couples find ways to organize their money and bank accounts better. Building a realistic household budget together, with spending and savings categories that you can both agree on, is crucial to ending your money feuds.

Here are steps you can take to organize your bank accounts and get on track . . .


5 Steps to Make Sure Unexpected Expenses Don’t Throw Off Your Budget

Everyone has unexpected expenses, which can be due to many reasons. This year, winter came early in many places. It didn’t just leave its destruction in many people’s yards and neighbourhoods, but for some, it also wrecked havoc on their budgets and money management plans.
When hit by huge dumps of snow, wind and ice storms, and record low temperatures, to simply survive or recover many are forced to spend more on unexpected expenses than they usually do.
Rather than always feeling like you need play catch up with your finances, here are 5 steps to make a budget plan that accounts for unexpected expenses . . ..


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Smart Money Tip

People who shop with plastic tend to spend more than those who shop with cash (12% - 18% more). Try challenging yourself to do at least some of your shopping each week with cash and see how much you can save!
7 more tips that can save you thousands.



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