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Survey Says that Three-Quarters of Canadians Don’t Save Up for Holiday Shopping

by Julie Jaggernath

Holiday shopping with a credit card instead of saving up and budgeting

According to a recent survey conducted by TransUnion, more than half of the Canadians they surveyed, 65%, said that they don’t save up before they do their holiday shopping. On top of that, 14% of people in the same survey said that they only save in October, November and December.

Based on survey results, it seems that three-quarters of Canadians face at least some post-holiday debt when the bills start arriving in January.

While it’s better to start saving late than not at all, saving in the midst of shopping can be too little too late. Rather than relying on credit to “afford” your holiday expenses, take a lesson from the “Ghost of Christmas Past” and create a plan that keeps your holiday season affordable.

6 Articles That Show You How to Plan Your Holiday Budget and Spending

No one method works for everyone, and depending on if you've started creating a holiday season savings and budgeting plan or not, each article below will provide you with practical tips! Click on each heading to read more:

1.  How to Save $465 in Just One Month

So here’s the challenge, if you choose to accept it... In just 30 days, save $465 and pay for some holiday fun in cash. Get ready, get your friends on board, and try it starting November 1!

2.  The 8-Week Holiday Spending Plan

While it might be too late to save up for what you want to buy over the holidays, it’s not too late to make a spending plan to get you through the holidays and safe from a January debt hangover.

3.  Santa’s Secrets for Avoiding Debt

Even if you need to use credit to pay for some of your holiday expenses, there are tips and tricks to help you avoid feeling like Scrooge.

4.  12 Weeks and Counting…Are You Expecting Too?

I couldn’t believe what my friends were telling me! I was shocked that it could happen again so soon. It’s as if it were yesterday, I remember the last time they were expecting….

5.  Avoid the January Blues – Set Goals and Find Ways to Come Up With the Cash

If you’ve never saved up for a large expense so that you can pay for it without going into debt, this article is full of tips and ideas to start planning and saving early. By knowing some of these things now, you’ll have a head start for next year!

6.  Is it Worth Shopping in the States to Get a Good Deal?

American retailers keep making it easier for Canadian consumers to shop without leaving the country, physically or virtually. But is buying from the States a good deal?

Don’t be Just a Seasonal Saver – How to Get Out of Debt

Some people start planning for Christmas in July, which is unrealistic when it’s October or November. But planning how to pay off Christmas and get out of debt by next July can be realistic. So get started now.

Don’t just be a seasonal saver – do what you can to avoid big holiday bills and make a plan to pay off your holiday debts as quickly as possible.

If you need help getting out of debt or creating a budget to get back on track, contact a non-profit credit and debt counselling organization today.

Leave a comment below - what are you doing to get your holiday season budget and spending plan ready?

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