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How to Save Money and Plan Ahead for Christmas Shopping, Holiday Spending and New Year’s Resolutions

Whether you and your family stay close to home, enjoy winter recreation activities or plan a sunny get-away, Christmas and the winter holiday season can be an expensive time of year. Starting in mid-November and all the way through New Year’s, holiday shopping is at its peak.

Saving money, planning ahead, making New Year’s resolutions and being a savvy shopper will help you to survive and thrive financially. Here are money management tips you won't want to miss!

Plan your budget and make your list before you shop online in Canada or the USA

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How to Plan Your Christmas and Holiday Shopping

1.  'Twas the Week Before Christmas

A clever take on a traditional favourite; a new story, including tips to help avoid holiday debt.

2.  Buying from American Retailers – Deal or No Deal?

Regardless of which time of year it is, before you buy online from American retailers, make a list of pros and cons. Then let your budget be your guide.

3.  What Will a Holiday Shopping Trip to the US Really Cost?

Shopping online is one thing, but your budget might need to change if you’re heading South to shop in person.

Planning Ahead and Setting Financial Goals

1.  Manage Holiday Stress to Avoid Maxing Out Your Credit Cards

When you’re stressed and busy, it can be easy to make poor spending choices. Lowering your level of stress so that you don’t max out your credit cards is one of the best ways to manage your budget.

2.  Last Minute Holiday Budget, What Not to Forget

Before you get caught up in the hustle and bustle, some expenses not to forget about include winterizing your vehicle and preparing your home for the cold.

3.  A Four-Week Plan for Christmas

A short plan is better than no plan and will help you not feel like a Grinch. As you choose your priorities, make sure that you and your family are outfitted for the season, including festive as well as winter wear, and that you have the gifts you need.

4.  12 Weeks and Counting… Are You Expecting Too?

The list of names, the anticipation… How time flies!

Gift Giving Ideas and Strategies to Stick to Your Budget

1.  Christmas on Credit – Santa’s Secrets for Avoiding Debt

Don’t underestimate how important it is to be organized. Before you head into the mall, take a few minutes to look over your list. Even with an army of elves, Santa needs to check his list too.

2.  Gift Giving Shopping and Budget Planner for Holiday Spending

Shopping with a list of what you need and how much you want to spend helps you stay on task as well as on budget. Not sure how to make a list that works? Download our one-page planner and get started.

3.  Plan Your Holiday Budget and Spending

Survey results show that most Canadians face post-holiday debt. What can you do to keep your holiday season affordable?

Family spending time not money during winter holidays.4.  Gifts with Lasting Effects | Alternative Gift Ideas

Happiness from tangible gifts rarely lasts so rather than buying traditional gifts, or resorting to cash or gift cards, many families give alternative gifts for holidays, birthdays and special times. Here are 9 alternative gift ideas to get you started.

Looking Forward to the New Year & Resolutions That Stick

1.  Changing Resolutions to Solutions – The Debt Free Diet that Works

Shedding debt is like shedding pounds. Change your resolutions to solutions that shed your debt weight and improve your financial health.

2.  The 8-Week Christmas Plan

Christmas will be here again before we know it. While this year’s memories are still fresh in your mind, jot down what you want to include next year and what you want to change.

3.  How to Start Planning for Christmas, Starting in July

When you start planning early, you’ve got time to save, co-ordinate plans with family and friends, and shop around for deals and discounts. 


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