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The Best Ontario Consumer Debt Consolidation Companies when the Banks can’t Help & Give You a Loan

When someone's bank or credit union won't give them a debt consolidation loan, many people respond by trying to get a loan from a consumer finance company, or they turn to their credit cards. In the end both of these options typically end up charging a lot of interest and that makes it difficult to get ahead.

If your bank has turned you down for a loan, your financial pressure is mounting, and you really need to consolidate all your payments, then you would likely benefit from speaking to a non-profit Credit & Debt Counsellor. Don't let the name put you off. Credit Counsellors are simply money and debt coaches who typically really care about helping people find solutions to their financial problems.

Most reputable non-profit credit counselling and debt relief services offer free, confidential appointments with their Credit Counsellors. A well trained Counsellor will help you explore all your options and help you identify your best options to get your finances back on track, consolidate your debt, and get out of debt. They can also help you create a spending plan so that you can not only get your finances on back track, but you can stay on track and get out of debt.

Debt Consolidation Programs – Solution for Credit Cards and Bad Credit from Counseling Relief Services

To help eliminate people’s credit card debts and get them back on track quickly, many credit counselling relief services also offer a debt consolidation program called a Debt Management Program. With this program the agency negotiates with your creditors and arranges for you to repay all your debts with little to no interest. On top of that, some non-profit agencies are also able to erase all records of your bad debts that were on their program two years after you complete it.

What Companies or Agencies to Contact in Ontario for the Best Debt Consolidation Advice

If you want to find out what all of your debt consolidation options are and which one might be in your best interest, then you need to speak with an experienced professional who is objective and doesn’t benefit financially from whatever decision you decide to make. To this end, we tend to think that non-profit Credit Counsellors with an A+ Better Business Bureau rating are typically the best type of company or agency to choose. If you are looking for an organization like this in Ontario, we would suggest that you contact one of the following organizations: