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august 2016


learn how to make smarter choices with your money

Six Personal Finance Moves to Make Before Age 30

A woman carries her purchases as she leaves a store.Whether you’re a twenty-something, know a millennial or if 30 is a distant memory, it’s never too late to start doing something, anything, to look after your financial future. From being a mindful spender to planning how to splurge, understanding how credit works, saving strategically rather than living beyond your means, or continuing your love-affair with your credit cards, check out these 6 personal finance moves you’ll definitely want to make…



Financial Crises Are Never Planned, They Just Happen

An emergency savings jar representing preparing for financial emergencies.Whenever we hear about a natural disaster, whether it is at home or somewhere else in the world, most of us can’t help but think what we’d do if it happened to us. Talking to friends and family about the need to plan and what we should set aside to survive a crisis can lead to a lot of worry. Instead, turn your worry into a well thought out emergency plan, including an emergency savings fund…

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College Or Trade School Vs University: Financially Speaking Which Is Better?

The keys to an education in college, a trade school, or university.If the thought of graduating with $50,000 of debt and a general degree not specific enough for a good paying job makes you uneasy, you’re not alone. Post secondary education costs are rising each year. So it pays to ask your teens which path they want to pursue – trade school, college, or university. While it’s true that many professionals with university degrees will earn substantially more than those with college diplomas or trade certifications, the reality is that career prospects and incomes for university graduates vary depending upon their field of study…



How to Deal with Credit Card Debt: Advice from Last Year’s Self

Learning from your past by looking in a rearview mirror.Have you ever made a conscious effort to pay down credit card debt, only to abandon your resolve because the balances never seem to budge in the right direction? Maybe you’re frustrated because you’ve done your best to make extra payments and to hardly use the cards at all, but you still owe as much as you did before.

When faced with such a situation, a lot people start getting discouraged. They look back at old statements or stacks of receipts, only to see long forgotten purchases with hardly any “stuff” to show for all the money they spent. Looking back, some people even realize that they still owe holiday debt from Christmas last year...




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Smart Money Tip


The first rule of personal finance is that it's not personal and it's not financial. It's about your ability to make a few changes and not get too depressed over it.


- James Altucher




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