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december 2016


learn how to make smarter choices with your money

Gift Giving Shopping & Budget Planner

When you shop with a list, it's easier to find what you need and want, as well as stick to your budget. Before you shop for gifts, set a budget for what you can afford to spend and then keep a running total of what you've bought, how much you've spent and where you stand in relation to your annual gift giving budget.

Here is a simple to use one-page gift giving planner. Print a few copies and use one page for the birthday gifts you buy each year for family and friends and a few pages for all of your holiday season and Christmas gifts. See more


How to Avoid a Holiday Hangover of Debt

Surveys show that the majority of people don't save for Christmas. If you haven't saved quite as much for the holidays as you would have hoped, you don't need to ruin great Christmas memories with a holiday hangover of debt in January. Make a holiday spending plan before you hit the stores so you don't put more than you need to on your credit cards. Read on for some quick tips on how you can avoid holiday debt this year.


Alternative Gift Giving Ideas

Gifts with Lasting Effects

Buying gifts for family and friends throughout the year is something many people enjoy doing. However, despite choosing gifts carefully, happiness from tangible gifts rarely lasts.

Rather than buying traditional gifts or resorting to cash or gift cards, many families have started giving alternative gifts for holidays, birthdays and special times throughout the year. Here's our list of 9 alternative gift ideas.


How Parking Tickets Affect Your Credit & How to Get Them Removed

You may have forgotten about your old parking tickets, but have they forgotten about you? Some people think that if they don’t pay their parking tickets and just ignore them, they will some how go away. From our experience, parking tickets don’t always go away. Old, unpaid parking tickets can show up on your credit report and cause you problems when you apply for credit. Find out more & how to get them off


3 Ways People Destroy Their Credit

A good credit score take years to build up and only a few small mistakes to destroy. Keeping your credit score high can help you get better interest rates on loans and mortgages, can help you an rent apartment, and much more. Be careful not to make these 3 easy mistakes that destroy your credit score very quickly



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Smart Money Tip


Life is richer with more fun experiences and great memories. Consider giving experiences to your friends and family this year instead of tangible items. Here are 21 Experiences That Make Great Gifts




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