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july 2015


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8 Things You Can Do in 1 Weekend to Save Money on Your Household Bills

Saving money on home expenses.Whether you’re a renter, new to home ownership, or a seasoned pro, it’s wise to watch out for quick and easy tips that will save you money on your household bills and expenses. However, the problem with some home improvement lists is that it takes too much time and/or money, both of which can be in short supply, to implement the improvements.

Being responsible for a home and saving money on bills and expenses, whether you own it or rent it, means finding ways to balance true home improvements with changes to how you do things.

Here is a list of 8 things you can do in one weekend to start saving money right away. . .


3 Money Mistakes People Make When They Have Too Much Debt & How to Solve Them

Woman suprised by money mistakes.When you have so much debt that it feels like you're treading water every month, it can be tempting to do what might seem like a good idea at the time, but which could come back to bite you later.

Here are 3 money mistakes many people make when they are in a lot of debt, why they aren’t good ideas, and what to do instead (click on any one of these to find out more):

  1. Ignore your bills because you’re broke and have no money to pay them
  2. Apply for more credit to borrow your way out of debt
  3. Robbing Peter to pay Paul - Using one form of credit to pay another

Read the article

7 Steps to Saving Money in an Emergency Fund

A life saving ring and coins representing emergency savings.Emergencies and unexpected expenses can strike when you least expect, and it's for this reason that saving money in an emergency fund is essential to good personal finance.

We can't always be prepared for the physical or emotional challenges life hands us, but we can be prepared to handle the bills. Here's how you can start building an emergency fund, so you'll be able to handle the financial challenges life throws your way.


How to Start Planning for Christmas in July Avoid Financial Problems with Large or Unexpected Expenses

Christmas planning avoid financial problems.Do you ever wonder how you can manage big, unexpected expenses like Christmas better so that you don’t need help with debt later on? Always feeling like you’re behind with your debts, that you have financial problems, or playing catch up with maxed out credit cards, is stressful. However, July is a great time to turn your money management around; start planning for Christmas now because it’s an expense you can easily predict - you know for sure that it’s coming. Learn more



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Feeling uneasy about your finances is one early warning sign of financial trouble that you shouldn't ignore. Read on for more. . .




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