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july 2016


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Do You Collect Credit Card Reward Points? 4 Ways to Tell If It's Worth It for You

Credit card rewards.Do you love your reward credit cards? Do you know if collecting the points is worthwhile for you? Whether you collect travel or merchandise points or simply cash back, depending on how you use your card, you may not be getting the biggest bang for your buck.

When credit cards first came out with points that rewarded you for using your credit card, many people saw it as the ultimate way to get free stuff. And that’s how it can work if you know your prices, stick to a spending plan, don’t carry a balance and really understand how the points programs work.

Here are 4 circumstances that make using reward credit cards worth it...


4 Common Credit Problems & How to Fix Them

Credit doctor checking on the health of your credit report and score.Life gets busy and most of us don’t think much about what’s on our credit report until we go to borrow money to buy a car, get pre-approved for a mortgage or apply for a credit card. However, other than borrowing money, our credit report might be important when we apply for a job or look for a new home to rent.

So, before you need a clean looking credit report, deal with any issues you may have so that it’s in good shape when you need it.

Here are answers to 4 of the most common questions we hear about credit problems and how to fix them...


Tips to Retire Comfortably - What You Don't Do Is As Important As What You Do

Tips to retire comfortably with a strong financial picture.Many people don’t start thinking about retirement until they catch a glimpse of it on their horizon. However, the best time to plan for a comfortable retirement is many years ahead of time.

Retiring comfortably is as much about what don’t do during your working years, as what you do. Making reasonable choices, including decisions about the kind of car you drive, whether you teach your children to pay themselves first, how much debt you take on, and if you manage your money using a budget, all determine what your retirement will look like financially.

Here’s what you can do to get on track to retire comfortably...


Paying Property Taxes Is a Sure Thing - How to Avoid a Big Bill

Cutting property taxes and managing them better.If you’re a homeowner, how you choose to pay your property taxes each year determines whether it’s a bill to dread or one you’re confident you’ve got under control. You could even find yourself in a position to pay your mortgage down faster depending on how you pay your taxes.

While we can’t cut your taxes in half, we do have tips to help you cut your payments down to size.

Learn more about making payments with your mortgage, setting money aside in your own savings account, pre-authorized payments through your municipality and what to do if there a shortage or overage in your tax account at your financial institution.

Learn more...


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Smart money isn’t always about how much you’re spending, but the value it brings to your life. For example, I still spend the same amount every month, but by cutting back on dining out to pay for dog care, I’ve created a more enriching experience for myself.
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