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march 2014


learn how to make smarter choices with your money

The Way You Manage Money Might Be Lowering Your Credit Score


Many different factors make up your credit report. A mystery for many people is their credit score. 

A pie chart showing how credit scores are calculated.

If you’ve ever wondered about what is on your credit report, what your credit history looks like or how your credit score is calculated, here we share some answers to your most frequently asked questions.

Experts also recommend that you take a look at your own credit report at least once a year. Here we tell you how you can get it for free!

Find out how your money management style changes your credit score . . .


The Benefits of Filing Your Personal Tax Return


Do you dread filing your income taxes? 
The dog ate it excuse.
Can you come up with every excuse in the book not to? When it comes right down to it, there are benefits to filing your tax return, even if you end up owing.
The deadline to file personal income taxes is April 30 and even though self employed Canadians don’t need to file until June 15, if you owe Canada Revenue Agency (CRA, formerly known as Revenue Canada) any money, it must be paid no later than April 30 to avoid any penalties.
12 Excuses Why You Might Not File a Tax Return
Are you trying to make up excuses to not file your income tax return? Read more to see if your excuses stack up.


Arguing About Money? The Way You Have Setup Your Bank Account May Be to Blame


Do you and your spouse ever disagree about money?A couple managing and organizing their money and bank accounts.
Many couples argue about money, and Credit Counsellors spend time helping couples find ways to organize their money and bank accounts better. Building a realistic household budget together, with spending and savings categories that you can both agree on, is crucial to ending your money feuds.

Should You Raise Your Credit Limit or Transfer Credit Card Balances?


An offer from a credit card company to increase someone's credit limit.Have you received an offer to raise the limit on your credit card? You know the ones, about how the credit card company wants to recognize your excellent credit history by giving you access to more credit. You may feel tempted to increase your credit limit just in case of an emergency, or you may have started thinking about those items you’ve been wanting lately but didn’t have the money to buy. 
Balance Transfers are another way credit card companies suggest you use your higher credit limits; by transferring the balance from one credit card to another one for a lower interest rate. 


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