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may 2017


learn how to make smarter choices with your money

Is a Free Credit Score Really Free?

A free credit score can be a gamble.Credit reporting in Canada is a bit of mystery to most consumers, however it doesn’t have to be that way. From learning about what is on your credit report, how to get your own credit report for free, or how to improve your credit rating, to the complexities behind the credit scoring system – we lay it all out for you in plain English.

Getting your credit score for “free” can be legit, but it may also be too steep a price to pay. Here’s why...


Serious About Paying Off Debt? Here are Three Things to Avoid

Becoming debt free and avoiding dangers along the way.There are countless tips and tricks to help cut credit card debt down to size, but the most important tip is one that’s often overlooked - adjust your approach and align your spending with what is most important to you. What does this mean day-to-day? Credit card debt doesn’t typically happen overnight. It’s lots of small purchases that add up over time. As a result, paying it off has as much to do with your mindset as it does with how you manage your money.

If you seriously want to pay off your debt, read on to find out about 3 things that you will for sure want to avoid...


How to Get the Most Out of Your Income Tax Refund

Get the most from your tax refund.It’s exciting to get a tax refund, but what should you do with it? Save it? Splurge? Pay down debt? Invest it? While any of these could be good ideas, the best way to get the most out of your tax refund is to plan how to use it in a way that helps you work towards your financial goals.

Here are some tips to consider as you plan ahead.


Top 5 Money Principles Every Kid Needs to Know

The top five things to teach kids about money.If you reflect back on growing up, you’ll probably notice that a lot of your money values and behaviours were influenced by how your parents managed their finances and expenses. Kids have an enormous capacity to learn and absorb information, and you can teach them good money habits - and build on these each year. While there are a lot of ways to teach kids about money, start by helping your kids embrace the following five money principles.


What You Need to Know Before You Borrow Payday Loans

What you need to know about payday loans in Canada.On the surface, borrowing a few hundred dollars to solve a cash crunch might seem like a good option, however, payday loans are an expensive form of credit. If you live pay cheque to pay cheque and have considered taking out a payday loan, a better strategy is to determine what’s causing your cash crunch and finding ways to better your situation.

From getting into a payday loan cycle or being faced with high interest charges, read on for what to know before you consider taking out a payday loan...


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