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May 2018


Learn how to make smarter choices with your money.

Is the Rising Cost of Living Stressing You Out? Here are Some Tips and Solutions

The increasing cost of living seems to be on nearly everyone’s radar these days, and for good reason. Gas prices are the most noticeable, but as fuel surcharges and other costs are built into the delivery of our good and services, sticker shock won't be far behind.

If higher expenses and the effect on your wallet are stressing you out, we have more flexibility today than past generations to be creative with making our financial goals a reality.

Whether you’re budgeting for a household or just yourself, check out these tips and suggestions to make managing your life-style easier during this time of rising living costs.


Is Getting a Student Loan Worth It or Not?

Average student debt is at an all time high in Canada, but student loans are only part of it. Many students finance a student life-style with other forms of credit, on top of their student loans, and subsequently end up starting their careers saddled with debt that’s difficult to repay and which can limit job prospects.

Rather than borrow your way through school, decide if student loans are worth it for you or not. From co-op programs, to scholarships, grants, bursaries, or working part-time, there are many non-repayable options to fund your post-secondary education.

There are times when it makes sense to get a student loan, and other times when it doesn’t make sense. Curious? Learn more.


Don't Just Wish to Own a Home - Alternatives to Make It Happen

Tired of feeling priced out of the market? While the single, detached home may be all but a vision left over from your parents’ generation, if home ownership is your dream, exploring alternatives to fulfill your dream in financially savvy ways is vital.

Communities and life-styles are evolving to mesh dreams with reality because there are a number of alternative home ownership options to consider. However, being flexible with your vision is a must in these ever-changing times so that you’re not forced to ignore retirement and other important financial goals.

Read on for some options you may want to consider.



Top 5 Tips to Fund Retirement

Counting on a big win to fund your retirement is risky, but countless people do. From winning the lottery to inheriting retirement funds or striking it rich playing the stock market, there are many ways people hope to win big. However, when done right, a much more lucrative strategy is taking a disciplined approach to self-funding your retirement.

So what does a self-funded retirement plan need to include? Here are the top 5 tips of what to do to ensure your golden years are truly golden.



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Smart Money Tip


When consolidating debt, it may not be worthwhile to consolidate federal and provincial student loans because interest can be claimed on your income tax plus the amortization can be extended for up to 15 years.




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