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november 2014


learn how to make smarter choices with your money

The One Thing Guaranteed to Make Your Budget Work


Solving your budget planning problems.Tracking your expenses is the difference between a budget that works, and one that doesn't. If you're new to budget planning - or have tried and failed miserably - using an expense tracker will make a world of difference for you.
Whether you're about to start budgeting for the first time in your life, or have been living on a budget for years, knowing where your money goes is vital.


Is it Worth Shopping in the States to Get a Good Deal?


A woman cross-border shopping online.Canadian retailers are again anticipating a busy holiday shopping season, but they also know that many consumers, maybe even you, are especially savvy as they hunt down the best possible deals. If electronics are at the top of everyone’s wish list in your house this year, one place you may look for deals is in the States. But is shopping state-side worth it?

Before you think about shopping at an American retailer or get caught up in the hype of Black Friday promotions, create a list of pros and cons, based on what you’re planning to buy. Here's how...

9 Steps to Solve Your Money Problems without an Ivy League Education


A money maze where someone is trying to solve their financial problem.When you’re worried about your debts and you’re trying to decide on the best way to solve your money troubles, many people start to wonder if they missed something as they went through school. As adults we’re expected to know how to manage our money properly. However, either a lot of people skipped that class, or maybe it was never offered. The good news is that you don’t need a degree from an ivy league university to solve money problems. Here are 9 steps and 8 self-study assignments, some catch-up homework if you will, from the school of common cents that you can challenge yourself with if you want to solve your money and debt problems.

Gift Giving Shopping & Budget Planner


A planner for Christmas and holiday spending, gift giving, and shopping.When you shop with a list, it's easier to find what you need and want, as well as stick to your budget. Before you shop for gifts, set a budget for what you can afford to spend and then keep a running total of what you've bought, how much you've spent and where you stand in relation to your annual gift giving budget.

Here is a simple to use one-page gift giving planner. Print a few copies and use one page for the birthday gifts you buy each year for family and friends and a few pages for all of your holiday season and Christmas gifts.
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