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october 2014


learn how to make smarter choices with your money

10 Tips for Paying Off Credit Card Debt


10 tips for quickly paying off credit card debt as fast as possible.Ready to pay off your credit card debt? Here are 10 practical ways you can quickly tackle your credit card debt and take your first real steps towards becoming debt free.

Discover popular methods for paying off credit cards quickly, learn how to create a spending plan, and discover the different ways your financial institution may be able to help. Find out more


Make a Plan for Holiday Spending - an 8 Week Christmas Plan

Santa shopping in the store.According to annual bank surveys, the average Canadian plans to spend around $1,800 on travel, gift giving, entertainment, food, and other related expenses during the Christmas holiday season.

If your budget - or good sense - calls for spending something less than this, you can easily reduce your Christmas expenses, without reducing the fun, if you plan ahead for the holidays. Here is an 8 week Christmas plan to keep your spirits high without breaking the bank.

Organize Your Bank Accounts in 3 Easy StepsWord cloud for fixed, savings, and variable personal budgeting expenses. – Fixed, Savings, and Variable Expenses

Does organizing your bank accounts even matter? Smart money managers know that it does.

Learn how to set up your chequing and savings accounts in a way that will allow you to pay your bills on time, save money each month, and have spending money for buying what you need (and want!). Let’s get started!

Is Your Credit Score Worse Than You Think?

A woman surprised by her bad credit that she discovers online when accessing her credit score.Does paying your bills on time guarantee you a great credit rating?

Making payments on time is very important, however, some credit card habits can drastically impact your credit score.


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