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june 2017


learn how to make smarter choices with your money

How to Stop Living Pay Cheque to Pay Cheque

How to stop living paycheque to paycheque.Are you living pay cheque to pay cheque and wondering why it feels like your hard earned cash is spent before it even hits your bank account? With family and household expenses ever on the rise, if you’re struggling to survive from one pay to the next, anything unexpected could be the start of a real financial crisis.

Get out of the financial danger zone by breaking the cycle of living pay cheque to pay cheque. It can be done. Here’s how . . .


How Changing a Driving Habit Can Help You Get Out of Debt Faster

How to get out of debt driving less aggressively.If you’re trying to cut corners wherever you can to free up more money to pay off your debt, here's an interesting new place to try and find some more money: your driving style. This tip alone can save some people enough money to buy a new car every 10 years. That kind of money can definitely help you get out of debt faster. See if you can benefit from this tip


The Secrets of Credit Scoring

How to find out your credit score and how it's calculated.Ever wonder how the credit reporting companies decide on what your credit score will be? Learn what they look at, what's important to them, and what it all means. See what really goes on

Also find out:


Does Being Organized with Money & Finances Really Matter?

Getting organized with money and finances.Being organized with money and finances is about more than just paying bills on time and having some cash to spend. While you might look at those around you and think that you’re doing pretty well compared to them, without some organization, planning and good habits, it’ll be tough to keep it that way if you face an unexpected or significant change in your life.

Here's how to get started with organizing your money


The Top 5 Reasons People are Declined for Debt Consolidation Loans

Why people are declined for debt consolidation loans.At times getting a debt consolidation loan can be harder than many people think. Here are the top 5 reasons why people get declined for debt consolidation loans and what you can do to work around this problem.



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Retirement Income

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Smart Money Tip


When you pay money for your credit score or get it for free, what you receive is only an estimation - not your real credit score. Use it as an educational tool - not as the hard truth.




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