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4 Reasons to Join a Free Personal Finance Webinar

by Kevin Sun

Everyone loves a good webinar, right? Well, maybe not, but if learning is one of your passions (or you just want to get better at stuff), then there’s a lot to like about being in an online class with a live teacher who can directly help you. And when you want to get better with your money, a good financial literacy webinar is a great way to upgrade your financial smarts. Not convinced? Here are 4 reasons why you should attend a free personal finance webinar:

1. Choose Financial Webinar Topics that Actually Matter to You

When is the last time a quadratic equation helped you? How about the periodic table? School aside, we’re not going to waste our valuable time learning something we never use in real life. Of course, personal finance is something that everyone uses in one way or another, but just like math, it’s a broad subject with many smaller and more easily digestible parts.

Watch financial webinars on topics you care about. So instead of quadratic equations, how about learning how to calculate whether you’re ready for home ownership? Instead of memorizing 118 elements, how about getting the rundown on how TFSAs and RRSPs work? If you just want a bunch of tips and tricks, then here are 75 ways to save around the house. If you want to start with the basics, give a free budgeting webinar a shot. Or if you’re feeling hungry, sample a session on satisfying your appetite without starving your wallet. These are just a taste of the financial webinar topics offered, so explore the menu and join the ones that will actually help you outside the classroom!

2. Learn from the Comfort of Home

As sick as some of us may be with Zoom calls and the like, there’s no denying the convenience of tuning in from your home office, living room couch, sunny patio, or other comfy spot. No one needs to know whatever else you’re doing while a session is running, and you could even listen to it in the background while taking care of other work you’ve got piled up. After all, personal finance webinars are just workshops that help you get the information you want in one of the most accessible ways possible. You don’t need to share any personal details during the webinar if you don’t want to, and sessions are always done live.

3. Get Real-Time Answers to Real-Time Questions

Almost all of us have gleaned some impressive nugget of expertise from a YouTube tutorial before, and some of us may even be a bit addicted to learning that way (rather than in a formal course that needs lots of commitment). However, just like those cooking clips that skip half the steps, pre-recorded videos can be frustrating when they leave out the very thing you came to learn. This is especially true when you need the info right now and can’t wait for a response to your comment, assuming that response ever comes.

In these webinars, you’ll have direct access to a certified financial educator who would be thrilled to answer your questions. Your query could even lead to a bigger conversation that gives you insights you hadn’t ever considered! Educators love when this happens because then everyone learns something new.

4. You Can’t Beat the Price

Joining a public webinar is completely free, meaning that you won’t pay a cent from when you register to after you attend (there isn’t even an online payment system). However, you might be wondering if something free can really be worth your time, or if it isn’t trying to push you onto something not so free.

These public personal finance webinars are free because they are part of the activities of a non-profit, charitable organization. There aren’t even any paid advertisements or endorsements on any of the content. Educators have worked hard to create practical and info-rich presentations that are based on many years of experience and expertise. I’m not saying that attending one of our webinars will change your life or revolutionize how you approach your personal finances (although it might). What they will give you is tried and true advice that you can compare to your own experience and test for yourself.

How to Join Free Personal Finance Webinars

Now that you’ve gotten all the way here, you owe it to yourself to try out one of the free personal finance webinars. All you have to do is go to the public webinar schedule, pick the one that sounds most interesting and is at a time that works for you, and follow the provided steps for registration and attendance. If you’d rather learn at your own pace, there are also free online courses that you can start right now. My advice: give both a shot and stick with what works best for you!